Weight Loss Through Self-love:

A revolutionary 21-Day Weight Loss Program That Actually Works

Weight loss doesn't have to be hard. It can be sexy, empowering, and fun.

When I lose weight, I will...

"Apply for that dream job"
"Wear that tight dress"
"Buy sexy lingerie"
"Will finally have enough courage to ask that hot guy from the office on a date."

Sounds familiar?

You don't have to put your life on hold 
until you lose weight. 

Many glorious women struggle to lose weight. If you’re one of them - I’ve found a way to DO IT and FALL IN LOVE with your own body in the process. Join the program to discover the cause of your weight gain, heal the emotional pain and live your life as the hottest version of You.

My Personal Weight Loss Story

"I know the struggle of trying to lose weight. I used to weigh more. I used to be a compulsive eater, who couldn't stick to exercising. I had an ongoing love-hate relationship with my body."

This changed when I discovered the cause of weight gain that no one in the weight loss industry was talking about.

Look, I don't care how many diets you have tried up until this point, how many weight loss apps you have downloaded, or how many gym memberships you have. Forget all about that for a second.

See, unless you address the fundamental WHY of your weight gain, no amount of dieting or exercising will bring you the body you want and desire.

That's why I'm here to help YOU transform your weight loss game, fall in love with yourself in the process, and start living the life of your dreams.

Here's what you get for our $79 program:

WeightLoss Guru

WeightLoss Guru
Recipes + Exercises

WeightLoss Guru
Food & Feelings Diary

WeightLoss Guru Meditation Album

WeightLoss Guru
(optional, $9.99)

Here's how women like you benefitted from the WeightLoss Guru:

I'm so happy with the WeightLoss Guru program!! Being a psychologist who specialises in intuitive eating, I always knew that being overweight OR being a binge eater is not just food-related. Diets do not help when it comes to sustainable change, and this is a long-established fact. WeightLoss Guru teaches that the main thing is to learn to hear and understand yourself and your body, your feelings, to connect to your inner wisdom and learn to love yourself. When you learn how to feel your feelings, the harmony in your body weight and your relationship with food gets restored. Bravo!

Sabina Keat@sabinakeat


"This program is a benefit of a lifetime! On the last day of the program I reached my ideal number on the scale. And that day was everything I imagined it would be and even more! Thanks to this program I was already loving myself way before I reached my goal.

Do yourself a favour. Invest the small amount it costs to change your life for the better. No matter if you are already healthy or you want to become more healthy and loose weight. You will enter a permanent change. Do the exercises. Don’t rush through it. Take your time to reflect. The next 21 days will be about you! You will not be able to thank Elizabeth enough once you are done with the program!

Waffa Dezhkam @waffadk

Illinois, USA

Where was this program before?!?!? In just 3 weeks, Weightloss Guru put me into my best shape for my big day. I never felt more beautiful. God bless your work, Elizabeth.

Charlene @charlene_snd_coaching

Georgia, USA

"I have struggled for years with my weight. I have tried several diets and exercise regimes and although they helped me loose some of the weight, it was always short lived and I would quickly gain it back. Even with the lost weight, I still always felt so unhappy, lost, and filled of shame. I would constantly tell myself that “once I lose the weight, I will feel beautiful and be happy again.” Exercise and dieting alone was just not enough or sustainable, I needed to finally look inward. 

Thanks to Weightloss Guru, I am finally at a place where I can take a solid step forward to finally loose and keep the weight off, while finding that much needed self-love. I am beyond grateful and can’t recommend this weight loss program enough!"

Candy Torres @yununuem92

California, USA

"WeightLoss Guru helped me find a healthier relationship to food. It put an end to the war against myself and my body. If you are someone who obsesses over calories every time you look at food instead of enjoying it, I would highly encourage you to buy this program. Within 3 weeks, I looked at myself from a completely different angle. I understood why I had such a troubled relationship with food and why I didn’t love my body so much. I’m glad I paid attention to myself and started a new journey."  


Chicago, USA

"Elizabeth supports you throughout this 21 day journey of weight loss and self-love as if she was your sister or your best friend! I was so touched by all the love and the support that I received. This gave me the strength to finally discover the real WHY behind my weight gain. No other program does that. All I can say is that this works. Elizabeth - thank you, this was wonderful!!!" ♥️

Dagne @d.zacharevskyte

London, UK

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